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Italy Topographic Maps - General Menu, all scales.

IGC 25K Walking Maps of the Italian Alps
Scale 1:25,000

Cervino Matterhorn-Breuil Cervinia-Champoluc: 108

IGC 50K Walking Maps of North-Western Italy
Topographic walking maps of north western Italy with walking, skiing and tourist facilities marked.  1:25,000 or 1:50,000

Kompass Gran Paradiso Valle D'Aosta 1:50,000. Published Oct 12

Kompass Mont Blanc 1:50,000. Published Sept 11

Kompass Monte Rosa 1:50,000. Published Dec 02

Aosta Valley Everyman MapGuide. Published Oct 05

Valle D'Aosta - Monte Bianco, Courmayeur, 1: 25 000, Hiking Map 1. Published Oct 04

Valle D'Aosta - La Thuile, Piccolo San Bernardo, 1: 25 000, Hiking Map 2 Published Oct 04

Valle D'Aosta - Valgrisenche, Val Dl Rhemes, 1: 25 000, Hiking Map 3 Published Oct 04

Valle D'Aosta - Gran San Bernardo, Ollomont, 1: 25 000, Hiking Map 5 Published Oct 04

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Walking in Italy's Stelvio National Park: Italy's Largest Alpine National Park, Gillian Price - This handy guidebook by an expert local author explores one of the most extensive protected areas in the Alps. The 38 graded summer day routes described here range from low-level easy strolls for the novice to strenuous mountain scrambles up to unglaciated summits for the more experienced. Routes are spread right across the park, with a selection from each of the main valleys, and all can be fitted into a single day. Published June 2013 K

ISBN: 9781852846909 - Walking in Italy's Stelvio National Park

Trekking in the Alps, Kev Reynolds etc - An inspirational walking guide to 20 summer treks in the European Alps in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia, by 8 Alpine trekking experts, including the classics such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and lesser-known routes like the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps. All the rich scenic diversity for which the Alps are renowned is celebrated here. The talented writers and photographers brought together to produce this book have, between them, explored every corner of Europe's premier mountain range, written dozens of guides and, in some cases, led trekking holidays there in order to share their enthusiasm for the Alps with other walkers. The treks included are: (best-known) Tour of Mont Blanc, Tour of the Matterhorn, Tour of Monte Rosa, Walker's Haute Route, Tour of the Jungfrau Region, Tour of the Vanoise and Dolomites AV 1 & 2; (longer trans-Alpine routes) GR5 (Lake Geneva to Nice), Eastern Alps E5, Italian Alps GTA and the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps; and (for the Alpine adventurer) Alpine Pass Route, Tour of the Oisans, Tour of the Queyras, Tour of Mont Ruan, Stubai High Route, Zillertal High Route, Gran Paradiso AV2. Published March 11

ISBN: 9781852846008 - Trekking in the Alps

Mont Blanc Walks, 50 Best Walks and 4 Short Treks, Hilary Sharp - Totally new full colour guide to the very best walking around Chamonix and Mont Blanc, the world capital of mountaineering, written by guide, expert and photographer Hilary Sharp, who lives in the valley. With 50 outstanding walks and 4 multi-day treks, this covers both the French side around Chamonix and Italian around Courmayeur. Chapters cover St Gervais les Bains and Les Contamines, Servoz and Plateau D'Assy, Les Houches, Chamonix, Argentiere, Vallorcine and Courmayeur. Multi-day treks are described for Vallorcine to Plaine Joux, the Tour des Aiguilles Rouges, Vallorcine to Servoz and a circuit of the Italian Val Ferret. Published April 10

ISBN: 9781852845971 - Mont Blanc Walks

Through the Eastern Alps - E5: The E5 from Lake Constance to Verona, Gillian Price - With its launch on the shores of beautiful Lake Constance, the long-distance European pathway E5 (approx. 600km in length) makes its way southeast through rural alpine regions in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, to finish in Verona. Passes as high as 2900 metres are encountered in the opening stages that traverse the Allgauer, Lechtaler and Otztaler Alps en route to the northern Italian city of Bolzano, home to the intriguing Ice Man. Gentler gradients follow as the E5 bears south to run parallel to the mighty Adige river touching on a surpising number of spectacular geological sites, not to mention mountains riddled with tunnels from the First World War. The well-established E5 is suitable for walkers with basic experience and a bent for international travel. Published April 07 K

Through the Italian Alps, The GTA - Grande Traversata Delle Alpi, Gillian Price - This immensely rewarding 46-day long-distance route across the western Italian Alps is an exciting proposition, taking in a remarkable kaleidoscope of traditional cultures combined with breathtaking landscapes punctuated by the landmark stone giants such as the Argentera, Monviso and Gran Paradiso. Starting a mere stone's throw from the Mediterranean, the GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi) curves its way high over the fertile Piedmont plain traversing the Ligurian, Maritime, Cottian, Graian and Pennine Alps, heading northwards to a brilliant conclusion near the base of Monte Rosa and its spilling glaciers. A network of hospitable high altitude refuges alternated with village-based hostels and comfortable inns guarantee walkers memorable meals and a good night's rest. The sole requisites for potential trekkers are a taste for adventure and average fitness; no special mountaineering expertise is necessary. Excellent public transport links make multiple shorter chunks feasible to fit in with individual holiday requirements. This unforgettable alpine experience is finally available to English-speaking walkers! Published June 05 K

Gran Paradiso: Alta Via 2 Trek and Day Walks, Gillian Price - With illustrated walks ranging from short strolls to multi-day traverses, this guide explores both highlights and little-visited places, and plenty of panoramic peaks. The excellent rifugi network allows walkers to rest overnight at high altitudes as well as feast on local gastronomic specialties. This brand new full-colour edition also includes a detailed description of the rewarding 12-stage Alta Via 2 that crosses the southern Valle d'Aosta, passing beneath the foot of Mont Blanc to culminate at Courmayeur. Published March 08 K

ISBN: 9781852844998 - Gran Paradiso

Walking the Alpine Parks of France and Northwest Italy, Mercantour, Queyras, Ecrins, Vanoise, Gran Paradiso, Marcia Lieberman - Suggests hikes in five French and one Italian national parks, and offers tips on trip planning, map sources, and safe hiking. Published April 03


Around Mont Blanc - the finest Valley and Mountain Walks (Rother Guide) - This guide covers the French, Swiss and Italian areas of the mountains surrounding Mont Blanc and fully describes the 'Tour de Mont Blanc' in 17 stages. A selection of routes explores the high mountain paths above Chamonix and the Val d'Aosta. 49 maps at 1:50,000 scale. Translated by experienced British walkers from the German original. Published Aug 06

ISBN: 9783763348046 - Mont Blanc

The Tour of Monte Rosa, Hilary Sharp - The 134km Tour of Monte Rosa is a challenging and very varied trek that takes a high route around the massif, in a circuit that begins and ends in Zermatt. The trek is described in eight stages, but these are not necessarily one-day stages, and some will be more comfortably achieved over two days or more. Realistically you should allow 9-10 days to complete the route. The Tour of Monte Rosa covers a variety of terrain, ranging from major forest tracks to narrow single-track footpaths to scree slopes to glacier, and offers a great introduction to high mountain walking. Along the way, this Alpine trail takes in spectacular views of the Monte Rosa massif, including ten 4000m summits, as well as breaks in mountain huts and the towns of Resy, Saas Fee, Macugnaga and Cervinia among others. The guidebook also provides a wealth of practical information to help you prepare for the trek. Published April 15 K

Walking in the Central Italian Alps, Gillian Price - This book offers a kaleidoscope of walking routes through Italy's largest National Park as well as several Nature Parks. Unusual wildlife, brilliant flora at incredible altitudes, desolate glacial valleys and picturesque legends about the icy realms are regular features of itineraries that touch on ancient irrigation channels. Medieval castles, Romanesque churches, First World War fortifications, traditional farm life and comfortable refuges that serve mouth-watering local dishes...all accessible using the extensive network of public transport. The itineraries described follow well-marked and numbered paths for the most part, though they range from wide easy tracks through woods to tiring moraine debris and snow crossings. Published Jan 95 (re-print)

Explore the Tour of Mont Blanc, Gareth McCormack - The Tour of Mont Blanc is Europe's most popular long-distance walk, encircling the highest mountain in the Alps (and arguably in the continent). This classic alpine route runs for 170 km (106 miles) and can be completed in 11 days. You walk through France, Italy and Switzerland, overnighting in alpine refuges. Although the route ascends and descends a lot, its highest pass is at only 2665 m (8750 ft), and no technical skills or equipment are needed. The scenery is superb: majestic glaciers and snow-laden peaks overlook peaceful lakes and alpine meadows. This book contains all you need to plan and enjoy your holiday: drop-down map showing the whole route in four panels the Way in sections, with summaries of distance, terrain and where to find food and drink concise background on Mont Blanc, geology, and wildlife planning information for travel by train, bus or plane in full colour, with over 60 photographs waterproof paper throughout. Published July 05

ISBN: 9781898481201 - Explore the Tour of Mont Blanc

The Tour of Mont Blanc, Kev Reynolds - The essential guidebook to the 105-mile Tour of Mont Blanc trek in the Alps. One of the best of the world's classic walks, which circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif in about eleven days through France, Switzerland and Italy. The route is described both in the traditional 'anti-clockwise' direction and the 'clockwise' direction. There are several alternative routes that subsequently link, and these are also described. This guide is in full colour, with points of interest, accommodation details and overview maps for every stage, along with details of the natural and cultural history of the region. The walk has all the excitement of the high mountains. It crosses numerous cols with stunning views of spectacular snow and rock peaks and accommodation along the route is plentiful. The 'official' Tour du Mont Blanc follows an established route around the main block of mountains containing not only Mont Blanc but its principal allied summits such as Verte, Chardonnet, Gouter, Geant, Jorasses, d'Argentiere, Dolent and numerous others. Published Feb 15. K

ISBN: 9781852845322 - The Tour of Mont Blanc

100 Hut Walks in the Alps, Kev Reynolds - Located amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, the chain of mountain huts strung right across the Alps makes an exciting and worthwhile destination. The huts provide a focus for all the walks in this guide - whether you choose to stay overnight or simply for lunch on the terrace. The huts come in all shapes and sizes, from simple unmanned bivouac shelters to bustling mountain inns with hot showers and restaurant service. The guide covers France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, and contains 100 routes to suit alpine walkers of all abilities. It also provides background information on walking in the Alps and staying in mountain huts and offers suggestions for some hut-to-hut tours. Published May 14 K

100 Hut Walks in the Alps (Cicerone Mountain Walking S.)

Trekking and Climbing in the Western Alps, 22 Adventure Treks in the Alps of France, Italy and Switzerland, Hilary Sharp - Covering 22 treks, ten climbing peaks and 8 snow-shoe walks, this guide is a tool for both the experienced climber and the first-time trekker visiting "Europe's playground". Region by region, the book offers clear, authoritative descriptions of treks - some classics, some the author's personal favourites - and of aspirational climbing peaks and snow walks. The guide also contains practical information on travel, techniques and equipment to help visitors have as safe and healthy a tour as possible. Cartography and strip maps pinpoint every route and give a reliable idea of distance and timings. Published May 02. Limited availability.

Walking Easy in the Italian and French Alps, Chet and Carolee Lipton - A how-to book for recreational walkers of all ages. It includes information on alpine walks with directions and maps, sightseeing excursions, discount travel and much more. Published April 02. Limited availability.

Pennine Alps Italian Touring Route, Geoffrey Pocock - Clearly laid out walking guide for the route. Each section features a black and white sketch map, plus a summary which includes distance, height gain/loss, time and accommodation information. Alternative routes are also suggested. Includes a section of background information and some photographs. Published Jan 01. Limited availability.

The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa: Martigny to Valle Della Sesia (Via the Italian Valleys) Vol 1 (Cicerone Guide), CJ Wright - "The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa" encircles most of the Pennine Alps. This title includes two titles - Vol 1: "Martigny to Valle della Sesia" (The Italian Valleys); Vol 2: "Valle della Sesia to Martigny" (The Swiss Valleys). Chris Wright's splendid text embraces all the many variants (especially in the Italian valleys) so as well as being the first English language guide to the entire tour, it can be used for smaller Pennine tours in Italy and Switzerland. Full account is taken of the places en route, accommodation and historical associations. The GTMR will certainly become the ultimate Alpine walk, outclassing all others. Strong walkers could do it in 13 days, but most walkers would prefer a more leisurely three weeks. Both volumes are copiously illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams. Published June 07

Walks and Treks in the Maritime Alps, Gillian Price - Peering down over the French Riviera is a forbidding barrier of light grey rock. Rising to over 3000m from the shore, the Maritime Alps straddle the international French-Italian border for 190km. Soaring peaks, glittering lakes and picturesque stone villages await the walker, along 600km of mapped pathways, through two national parks. This is a wonderful area even for novice walkers, with clear waymarking and good maps, worlds away from the hustle and bustle and crowds of the coast, and this book offers a wide selection of routes throughout the area. 18 graded day walks are described in this title, on both the French and the Italian sides, from 6km to 20km in length. It discusses 6 long treks, including a 5-day traverse of the Parc National du Mercantour and a 7-day traverse of the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Maritime. It offers full information about accommodation down in the valleys and up in the mountains. Published Feb 10

Walking in the Alps, Lonely Planet, Gareth McCormack, Sandra Bardwell and Grant Dixon - This  Lonely Planet walking guide covers the best walks through the Alps in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Practical advice on language, gear, safety, food and accommodation are also included. Published May 04. Limited availability.

ISBN: 9781740593953 - Walking in the Alps

The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa: Vale Della Sesia to Martigny (Via the Swiss Valleys) Vol 2 (Cicerone Guide) Published April 95. Limited availability.

100 Hikes in the Alps, Harvey Edwards - A revised and updated guide (first ed., 1979) to hiking in Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein. Detailed hike descriptions including distances, hiking times, elevation gain, and highlights along the trail. Man sketch maps and photographs. Published Nov 92. Limited availability.

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