Add a Best Walk

In order to make Best Walks a comprehensive guide to walking in the UK we need the help of the very people who are out there enjoying the walks, you! We love reading through and researching all of your submitted walks and will look forward to being inspired by yours.

How To Submit A Walk

Please download our “Add a Best Walk” form by clicking here.

You will need to fill out the form and email it back to us on Your walk will be reviewed by the editor for your area who will get in contact if they need anything clarified.

Guidance Notes

You may find the guidance notes on how to fill out the form useful. You can download them here.

Criteria for a Best Walk

A Best Walk is as unique as the person who wrote it. For some people a Best Walk could be an hour, low level route that explores their local city. For other people a Best Walk could be a 30 mile pathless hike across the remote Scottish Highlands while summiting 7 mountains! Therefore, the only criteria is you love the walk you are submitting. Please take the time and care that your walk deserves in the writing and as long as that shows we are very likely to add it.