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Adrian's Walk: Roughin It in the Peaks, Adrian Close - Adrian’s Walk is an energising and energetic celebration of Britain’s most popular outdoor pastime. £1 from every sale of the guide will be donated to The Edale Mountain rescue Team. The route takes you from the meandering and peaceful country lanes of the White Peaks; to single dirt tracks and strenuous uphill slogs in the Dark Peaks. The rewards are the exhilarating views and the feeling of absolute accomplishment. “My life what a walk, what a mini adventure we’re about to go on, what a training session for the Pennine Way - Adrian’s Walk to Hadrian’s Wall. If you like hiking, like taking photos, if you like discovering what’s around you whilst you’re walking, then you’re going to love this little guide and you’re also going to love this 3 day 58 mile hike – obviously you can take longer.” As the title suggests it’s about roughin it in the Peaks. However during the walk/guide the author points out camp sites (with facilities), hotels, pubs with or without rooms, youth hostels and of course the all-important public toilets! So it’s up to you how much roughin it you want to do. Adrian hopes you enjoy the walk as much as he did and remember you’re not wandering aimlessly like a cloud. You’re off on an awesome 58 mile (93 Kilometer sounds better) hike from Bakewell to Edale via some of the toughest terrain and most picturesque scenery in the Peaks and reward yourself with a pint or three at the end!! Published April 15. Ghost Walks in Derbyshire and The Peak District, Barbara Wadd - In this book you may meet phantom coaches, headless horsemen, ghostly dogs which haunt crossroads and foretell death, the eerie sounds of a 500-year-old murder, haunted mines, pubs and houses, and even a funeral procession of 12 headless men! It is a collection of 30 circular walks in Derbyshire and the Peak District, each ranging for two to ten miles in length. Each walk has at least one ghostly story attached – and some have several chilling tales which will bring a shiver to even the most warmly-clad rambler. The walks cover a wide range of Derbyshire scenery, from gentle meadowlands to the dramatic beauty of limestone country. There is information about parking, toilets and refreshment stops and good maps. Barbara Wadd has been walks’ co-ordinator of a local social club for many years. Published December 12.

ISBN: 9781859832578 - Ghost Walks in Derbyshire and the Peak District 

More Ghost Walks in Derbyshire, 2nd Edition, Barbara Wadd - In this book you may encounter headless phantoms or ghostly troops of soldiers, faceless horsemen, a plethora of monks and a bespectacled nun, and, one you won’t want to meet, a man-eating family! This is a second collection of 30 circular walks in Derbyshire, ranging from 1 to 10 miles in length. Each walk has at least one ghostly story attached – some have several chilling tales, which will make a rambler shiver even under the warmest fleece! You will visit some of the less-frequented parts of Derbyshire, experiencing the rich diversity of its scenery, from gentle valleys to panoramic viewpoints. There is information about parking, toilets and refreshment stops and good maps. Published December 12.
High Pub Walks in the Peak District, Martin Smith - The Peak District National Park is noted for more than just its scenery. It also has a wealth of real ale pubs, many of which lie above 1000 feet (304 metres). It s these pubs that feature in this book. What better way to visit them than on foot? All these pubs welcome walkers, many do food, have accommodation and real ale from local independent breweries. The book describes 30 walks and also has lots of information about the areas through which the various routes pass. The walks vary in length from a mere 2½ miles to 12¾ miles, so there's something suitable for everyone here. The walks generally start from the pub and with certain rare exceptions, can be reached by public transport, so you can leave your car at home and savour the liquid products on offer. Published February 14.

ISBN: 9781850589792 - High Pub Walks in the Peak District


Best Pub Walks in the White Peak, 2nd Edition, Les Lumson and Martin Smith - The 30 fabulous walks range from three to nine miles and ideal for family rambles. They start in such delightful Peak District villages as Ashford-in-the-Water, Alstonefield and Youlgreave, most of which are accessible by public transport - so that you can leave the car at home and savour the products on offer at the authors' favourite pubs. Follow the recommendations in this well-established - and completely updated - book for a superb variety of walks in splendid scenery and, after each walk, relax in a Peak District pub renowned for its welcome to walkers and for the quality of its Real Ale, often supplied by local independent brewers. Published August 12.

ISBN: 9781850589334 - Best Pub Walks in the White Peak




The Inn Way....to The Peak District, 2nd Edition, Mark Reid - This is the revised and updated 2nd Edition of Mark Reid s "The Inn Way... to the Peak District" which charts a 6-day circular walk throughout the Peak District, covering 84 miles and passing 51 great country pubs along the way. Includes information on history, geography, places of interest, traditional inns, routes and maps. This long distance circular walking route takes in the very best of the Peak District from the wilds of Kinder Scout to the dramatic Eastern Edges, gentle pastoral landscape of Chatsworth and the beautiful limestone dales of the White Peak. Starting and finishing at Hayfield, Stage One of this walking route skirts around Kinder Scout then heads through the Woodlands Valley to Hathersage. Stage Two traces the Eastern Edges southwards high above the Derwent Valley to reach Baslow. Stage Three is gentler, with a stroll through Chatsworth Park then across the mystical landscape of Stanton Moor to Youlgrave. Stage Four heads up through the beautiful limestone valleys of the White Peak to Tideswell. Stage Five explores Eyam before heading over to Castleton. Stage Six traverses the famous Great Ridge over to Edale and then follows the packhorse route back to Hayfield. Published July 12.

ISBN: 9781902001197 - The Inn Way... to the Peak District

Ramble On, Sinclair McKay - A history of walking and our relationship with the British countryside. On the afternoon of Sunday April 24, 1932, a group of approximately five hundred men and women set out for the summit of Kinder Scout, the highest point in Derbyshire's Peak District. They were not here to take in the fresh air and breathtaking vistas: they were here to make a stand. Kinder Scout, like almost every other site of natural beauty in Britain at that time, was privately owned and fiercely guarded. This wild, open landscape was one that they had absolutely no right to visit. Ramble On tells the story of how country walks and rambling were transformed from a small and often illegal pastime to the most popular recreational activity in the country.
But the story of rambling is not so much about parliamentary acts as it is about the remarkable people who campaigned for (and in some cases against) the pastime. There was a Lancastrian town council accountant called Alfred Wainwright, who in the 1950s changed his life, and the lives of many others, when he popularised walking in the Lake District with his series of guides. And any history of rambling would be incomplete without mentioning the resistant landowners – from the notorious Nicholas Van Hoogstraten to celebrities such as Madonna and Jeremy Clarkson – who have done their level best (and worst) to keep walkers off their land. Above all, this tale is about the exhilaration of a gusty hill-top path; the curious unease that a labyrinthine dark forest floor can induce; the feel of different soil, peat and rock; the sight of alternating sunlight and shadow sweeping across vast valleys. Both a biography of Britain's favourite outdoor pursuit and a celebration of our wonderful countryside, Ramble On is for anyone who has ever pulled on a pair of walking boots or is partial to the taste of Kendal mintcake.  Published June 12. K

Ramble On

Peak District Walks on Tors and Moors, Peter Naldrett - Throughout the gritstone region of the Dark Peak there are many tors and these outcrops of rock can be seen dotted along the high points of the national park. Although these tors are not as famous or prevalent as those in Dartmoor, the Peak District is a significant area for tors on a world stage. This book features walks to these summits from accessible points due to the nature of the hills in the area they are a little challenging but by no means strenuous. There are 20 walks to tors including Mam Tor, Higger Tor, Shining Tor, Back Tor and others., together with information about nearby places to visit and explanation on how the tors were formed.  Published March 15.

Peak District Walks Starting from Train Stations, Peter Naldrett - Whether you are wanting to reach your starting point via train or delve into the history of transport in the Peak District, this book has something for you. One thing all the train station walks have in common is that they enjoy a fabulous route into some breath-taking countryside. Gorges, woodland, moors, farmland, rivers, glacial valleys and some tremendous hills are all included in this series of 20 walks, linked together by the transport routes that, today and in the past, dissected the Peak District. Published June 13.

ISBN: 9781850589662 - Peak District Walks



The Hike: And Every Damn Thing Else, Don Shaw - Once more we meet Freddy, Phil and Don – the hilarious, yet deep thinking, retired men determined to keep hiking to the bitter end in their beloved Peak District, but each for very different reasons... Phil – a former air-traffic controller and the group’s self-appointed leader – is on a mission not to grow old. He believes his combination of obsessive physical exercise and the latest health supplements will hold back time. His constant sparring partner is Freddy – a shambolic slacker who prefers to stroll and smell the flowers. Freddy’s eternal mission is to find the meaning of life. Until he does, he takes consolation in outmanoeurvring the vulgar, aspirational world around him with his very own art of ‘onedownmanship’. Thankfully they have Don to calm the waters. All Don asks for in return is some peace, tranquility and perhaps a decent pint when they reach their destination. What all three share is a withering view of the modern world – a place resounding to the noise of traffic jams and mobile phones. And as they enjoy the peace of their weekly walks, weathering all that the elements and local characters can throw at them, they waste no time in setting that world to rights. Why not join them? Published December 12.

Peak District Top 10 Walks: Moors and Tors, Dennis Kelsall.  Published March 13.


Ramblers Walks in the Peak District, Brian Spencer - A brand new guide to walks in the Peak District endorsed by the Ramblers. All the walks are over 4 miles in length making these ideal for a day’s walking. 20 walks are included and use clear maps to show the route plus easy to follow walk descriptions. The Peak District National Park and surrounding area offer some superb walking areas. The walks take you on an exploration of the gentle limestone White Peak and into the wilder more dramatic gritstone moorland of the Dark Peak. This guide, produced in co-operation with the Ramblers and featuring Ordnance Survey mapping, is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the stunning scenery. Walks vary from short strolls to longer hikes and are graded accordingly, descriptions accompanied by maps and stunning colour photographs, fact files include local interest and parking information. Leading map publishers, Collins, have teamed up with Britain’s largest walking organisation, Ramblers, to produce the best guide to walks in The Peak District. Published March 12.

ISBN: 9780007464555 - Ramblers Walks in the Peak District

Walks in the Ancient Peak District, Robert Harris - Discover the secrets of this ancient landscape! Here is a collection of walks visiting the well-known and hard-to-find prehistoric monuments and sites of the Peak District. Divided into four sections, this book includes - the White Peak with its familiar limestone plateau and deep-cut dales, and the high gritstone moorland of the Dark Peak, and the Western, and Eastern Moors. All walks are circular, from 4 to 10 miles, starting and finishing in a Peak District town or village. Visit stone circles, standing stones and burial mounds scattered across the spectacular landscape, secret tombs hidden away in deep valleys, and ancient settlements and forts perched high on isolated hills. It varies in difficulty from quiet lanes and well-marked footpaths to more demanding climbs up to the mysterious bleak heaths and rocky edges of the higher moors. It provides all worthwhile walks in themselves but with added interest in the historical details Robert Harris has unearthed. Published May 10. 

ISBN: 9781850588597 - Walks in the Ancient Peak District

South Pennine Walks, Thirty Circular Walks, J Keighley - For the purpose of this guidebook the term 'South Pennines' is taken to refer to the expanse of hill country that straddles the Lancashire/Yorkshire border between the Yorkshire Dales and Peak National Parks. These 30 circular walks range from four to eight and a half miles and explore an area of remarkably varied and contrasting landscapes. They have been selected to delight both experienced and novice walkers, and vary from simple valley strolls (ideal as family half-day rambles) to more challenging moorland expeditions. Hand-written and profusely illustrated in Jack Keighley's highly distinctive style, each walk description contains parking information; a meticulously detailed map and concise route directions all together on the same page; a general description of the terrain, and notes on features of interest. Published June 04

For Pennines generally see Pennines Books

Pathfinder More Peak District, Dennis Kelsall - Pathfinder More Peak District covers parts of Buxton Country Park, Five Dales Walk and Castledon. This selection offers interest, regional variety and balance of routes in the Peak District providing the best walks in the area. From an easy stroll through Stanton Moor to the much more challenging walks in Jacob’s Ladder, this volume contains something for everyone. Covering walks through the whole of the Peak District both popular and little know scenic routes including Padley Gorge, Lathkill Dale and Derwent Edge. Published August 11.

ISBN: 9781780590424 - Pathfinder More Peak District

White Peak Walks Vol 1 - The Northern Dales, Mark Richards -  Guide to walks in northern dales of the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park, between Edale, Matlock and Buxton. 35 circular walks of between 3 and 8 miles in length cross the gritstone uplands and moors and explore the Wye and its tributary dales through the UK’s first National Park. Published Sept 09. K

White Peak Walks Vol 1 - The Northern Dales

White Peak Walks Vol 2 - The Southern Dales, Mark Richards - Guide to walking the southern dales of the White Peak area of the Peak District, between Ashbourne, Matlock, Buxton and Leek. 30 easy circular routes of between 3 and 10 miles in length cross the high plateau and follow the Dove, Manifold and Hamps rivers through the dales in the UK’s first National Park. Published Sept 09. K

Trigpoint Walks in the Peak District, The Dark Peak, Peter Naldrett - This critically acclaimed walking book guides people to the highest points in the Peak District National Park. Part of the Trigpoint Walks series of books. Published February 09.

Also Pocket Edition, Published February 09.

Trigpoint Walks in the Peak District, The White Peak, Peter Naldrett - Climb the highest summits in the White Peak District with this critically acclaimed book which visits 15 trigpoints. Get the best views and tick off the biggest hills in this, the second book in the Trigpoint Walks Series. Published February 09.

Also: Pocket Edition, Published February 09



Making Tracks in the Peak District - fun walks for children in the Peak District, Joanne Wright - These beautifully hand-illustrated packs each contain 10 easy-to-follow short walks in booklet form and have proved a huge hit, especially with families and with schools organising outings and day trips. Locations of the walks are Winster, Ilam, Birchover, Grindleford, Youlgreave, Chatsworth, Cromford, Eyam, Hartington and Buxton. Published Feb 08

Making Tracks in the Peak District

High Peak Walks, Mark Richards - 22 day-long walks and one linear challenge walk offer walkers a practical and entertaining means of acquainting themselves with this popular moorland region. Each of the walks  is designed to embrace particular localities, drawing on the contrasting qualities of each to sustain interest and develop an appreciation of the wild, dramatic and often shy beauty peculiar to this northern sector of the Peak District. Published Jan 02

High Peak Walks

Peak District: East and South Freedom to Roam, Roly Smith - Published in association with the Ramblers' Association. Covering the eastern and southern Peak District, this guide contains directions and maps for twelve new walks through newly opened access land. Published Feb 05

Peak District - Eastern Moors and the South

Rock Trails Peak District: A Hill Walkers Guide to the Geology and Scenery, Paul Gannon - This is the story of the Peak landscape from its tropical beginnings to its rugged gritty present. Limestone reefs grow in the shallows of tropical seas, taking captive fossilised sea creatures. As the seas shift and coastlines change, sandstones build on the banks of a great river delta. Forests of giant ferns take hold of the land, leaving behind a legacy of coal and bitumen. From the water worn limestone of the White Peak to the wind sculpted sandstones of the Dark Peak, the landscape here is always atmospheric. There are mysterious dry valleys with no sign of running water, caves adorned with sumptuous stalactite chandeliers and the remains of an industrial era built on mineral riches. Paul leads you on a series of fifteen walks which afford spectacular views of the best of the Peak District scenery and reveal evidence of the landscape's intriguing history. In the first half of the book Paul tells the story of the Dark and White Peaks. How limestone reefs grew upon the basement bedrock and the shifting seas deposited layers of sandstone and shale. Tectonic forces buckled and tilted these beds of sedimentary rock to create the rocky edges and tors which characterise the Peak District. The second half of the book details fifteen walks, from easy to challenging, which reveal the geological drama. Published January 11.

All Terrain Pushchair Walks: Peak District, Alison Southern - Alison Southern - Following the success of All-Terrain Pushchair Walks in North and South Lakeland, Alison Southern has compiled a companion edition for the beautiful wide open spaces of the Peak District.  There are a total of 20 fairly short walks, ranging from level routes around Peak District villages to the more adventurous (but safe) hikes across the moors.  Each of the walks is graded – from easy to challenging – and is accompanied by details of the anticipated terrain, so walkers can easily decide as to their suitability.  All the walks have been tried and tested by parents with babies and small children so walkers can be confident that there will be no unexpected hazards along the way. Together with information on how to get there by car or public transport, route descriptions, detailed maps, refreshment stops and toilets (with nappy changing facilities) this forms the ideal guide for instilling a love of the beautiful Peak District countryside and the great outdoors at the earliest possible opportunity! Published March 06

All-Terrain Pushchair Walks: Peak District

Star Family Walks in the Peak District and South Yorkshire, John Spencer & Ann Beedham -  This text is based on walks which appeared in the "Star" newspaper of Sheffield. It contains 52 walks - one for each week of the year - each succinctly described on a single page with a sketch map. The walks are all for families, from a two-mile stroll to a nine-mile hike.  Published Oct 02

Best Tea Shop Walks in the Peak District, Norman Buckley - Fully revised and updated, this new edition of an old favourite features easy walking, wonderful scenery and scrumptious afternoon teas! There are 26 circular walks to choose from spread widely across the Peak District, including Lyme Park, Castleton, Miller’s Dale, The Roaches and such famous dales as Lathkill and Dovedale. There are a variety of tea shops to choose from - the splendour of Chatsworth House to more basic locations where tea is served in pint mugs! Each walk includes a handy summary enabling a quick assessment of the time and likely effort required. Also included is a route map, information on car parking, plus details of tea shop opening times and telephone numbers so that you can plan the perfect day out!  May 04

Peak District Teashop Walks, Charles Wildgoose - Twenty circular walks within the Peak District National Park based around good local teashops. Includes routes near Bakewell, Hayfield, Hartington, Ilam, Tideswell and Hathersage. With sketch maps and photographs.  . Published May 03.

Walks for All Ages: Peak District, Norman Taylor - 20 short walks in the Peak District.   Published June 14. 

The Peak District Pack: 20 Classic Walks, P S Beresford & M Campbell - Durable, weather-proof walking cards with route descriptions of 20 outstanding circular walks, graded for suitability. The cards are contained in a box, along with a PVC card/map holder and fully comprehensive, straightforward User Guide booklet. Features Ordnance Survey mapping. Published Nov 96

The Peak District Pack: 20 Classic Walks (The Walkers' Pack Series)

The Peak District Pack: 20 Classic Walks Pack 2 Published April 06

Kiddiwalks in the Peak District, John and Ann Nuttall - Packed with fun things to see and do, each circular route offers a great outing and passes the Kiddiwalks 'S' test. That means Simple routes with not too many hills and climbs; Short Routes - all less than 4 miles - Stimulating - with brooks and streams ideal for paddling, nature trails to follow, woods to play hide-and-seek in and wide open spaces in which to use up excess energy. And of course Stops - from tea gardens and ice creams to cafes and family friendly pubs with good food! Published April 09

Kiddiwalks in the Peak District

Circular Walks in the Peak District, Pat Tidsall.  Limited availability. Published June 11.

ISBN: 9781873775400 - Circular Walks in the Peak District

Short Circular Walks in Lathkill Dale, John Merrill - 7 walks of between 3 and 7 miles. Limited availability. Published Oct 97. Re-printed 06.

White Peak Aircraft Wreck Walks, John Merrill - 10 routes of between 4 and 10 miles. Limited availability. Published Feb 04

Dark Peak Aircraft Walks, John Merrill - 14 walks ranging between 3 and 14 miles each incorporating the site of a crashed plane. Limited availability.  Published Aug 01

Discover Roman Derbyshire: 25 Walks, Jill Armitage - The Romans have been credited with giving Britain a network of roads that still has a profound effect on our road systems, so Discover Roman Derbyshire, 25 walks sets out to trace those roads on foot in the same manner that the Roman soldiers did when they occupied the region between the 1st and 5th centuries. The roads linked forts with their accompanying vici, busy trading centres where industry prospered similar to our present day towns. The walks not only include the roads, forts and vici, they also trace localities where finds have been discovered. Limited availability.  Published March 14.

ISBN: 9781850589747 - Discover Roman Derbyshire

Peak District Trigpointing Walks: Hill walking with a point to it!, Keith Stevens and Peter Whittaker - This is a rambling book with a difference! It offers a new walking objective - to seek out and log up to 150 Peak District Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars...'trigpointing'. It gives an invaluable introduction - summary information on navigation, triangulation and mapping. You can hone your navigational skills - using either a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver or good compass - but preferably both. It includes 20 primary walks - mostly with two pillars each - in areas as far apart as Holme Moss, Leek and Sheffield, plus suggestions for many more. You can spend a while, dally at each pillar, scan the beautiful Peak District landscape, get to know all the geographical features...and spot other nearby pillars. This book also includes details of aircraft wrecks, historical landmarks and geological features, supported by fascinating background information, history and folklore, along with comprehensive route plans, GPS waypoint and compass bearing summary table provided for each walk. Bitten by the trigpointing bug - if so, Keith and Peter challenge you to visit 1000 trigpoints before you hang up your boots! Limited availability. Published Jan 07

Peak District Trigpointing Walks

On Peak Rock, The Best Rock Climbs of the Peak District, Geoff Milburn and Carl Dawson -  All the good crags (except Malham) in the Peak District with a good relaxed format. Limited availability. Published April 93

Best Rock Climbs of the Peak District

Peak District (Collins Rambler's Guide), Roly Smith - Produced in association with the Ramblers, this walking guide covers the popular Peak District and combines detailed route descriptions with information on the local history and wildlife. The Peak District boasts an unrivalled network of around 1,400 miles of public rights-of-way, and over 80 square miles of open access on the northern moors. This guide allows the reader to explore the infinite variety of walking opportunities, which range from gentle riverside strolls, to tough moorland treks. the book comprises 30 walks. Each walk has a key illustrating principal features, such as level of difficulty and type of terrain, a route profile indicating altitude and distances, and a fact file summarising useful information such as start and finish points, duration, safety advice and points of interest. Walks are colour coded to indicate level of difficulty: green for the simpler walks, then amber for moderate walks, then red for the more challenging walks aimed at more experienced walkers. Limited availability. Published April 10. 

ISBN: 9780007351398 - Peak District

Family Walks around Bakewell & Castleton, Norman Taylor. Limited availability. Published March 94

Walks for All Ages in the Peak District, Pat Tidsall.  Limited availability. Published August 11.

ISBN: 9781873775417 - Walks for All Ages in and Around the Peak District


The Rivers Way, John Merrill - Crosses the Peak district from Edale to Ilam in the south.The walk is 43 miles in length and links the Noe, Derwent, Wye, Dove and Manifold rivers. It is best walked over two or four days, and there are campsites, hostels and inns en route. Limited availability. Published Aug 86

Peak District Illustrated Walks, Trevor Yorke - This title provides 20 circular routes in this celebrated National Park. Well- illustrated maps are used to guide the walker and it includes routes at Whaley Bridge, Over Haddon and Ilam. Limited availability. Published May 05

Peak District Illustrated Walks

Walking Weekends in the Peak District, Mark Reid - "Walking Weekends Peak District" features 24 circular walks from 12 villages throughout the Peak District, with two walks of varying lengths from each village - ideal for a weekend break. Mark Reid has combined his knowledge of the villages, pubs and footpaths of the Peak District to create this new and unique book. Many people enjoy going away for a weekend staying at a traditional country pub and then using the pub as a base from which to explore the surrounding countryside on foot. This new guidebook makes this weekend away experience a whole lot easier with details of where to stay, local inns, background information and historical points of interest. Then, there are 24 classic walks to choose from, with 2 detailed routes of varying lengths from each of the 12 featured villages thorughout the Peak District. Explore the windswept heather moors or the challenging terrain of Kinder Scout in the Dark Peak; take an exhilerating stroll along the top of the eastern edges, including Stanage Edge, Froggatt Edge or Calver Edge; meander through the deep limestone valleys of the White Peak such as Wolfscote Dale, Lathkill Dale or Monk's Dale. Call into unspoilt, hidden pubs along the way such as the Red Lion at Litton, Quiet Woman at Earl Sterndale, Devonshire Arms at Pilsley or the Flying Childers at Stanton. Featured villages include: Bakewell, Baslow, Castleton, Edale, Eyam, Hartington, Hathersage, Hayfield, Longnor, Tideswell, Wetton, Youlgrave. Limited availability.Published Oct 06

Short Walks in the Peak District - A range of practical little walk guides endorsed by the Ramblers. All the walks are 5 miles or under in length and can easily be completed in less that 3 hours. 20 walks are included and use clear maps to show the route plus easy to follow walk descriptions. The Peak District, with its two very different landscapes: the gentle limestone White Peak with its intimate wooded dales and steep-sided gorges; and the wilder more dramatic gritstone Dark Peak with its wild moorland, offer some superb walking areas. This guide, produced in co-operation with the Ramblers and featuring Ordnance Survey mapping, is the perfect way to get out and enjoy the stunning scenery. Limited availability. Published May 10.  K

ISBN: 9780007359448 - Short Walks in the Peak District


AA Leisure Guide Peak District, Mike Gerrard - This new activity guide from the AA tells you the best places to visit in the Peak District and includes mapped walks, cycle rides and car tours. Inside you'll find easy-to-use and modern layouts with newly commissioned colour photographs to inspire you and area maps which show the area in detail. The guide contains 10 walks, 3 cycle rides and 2 car tours, each illustrated with a colour map. Each chapter tells you the best places to visit in the Peak District and listings pages give reviews of pubs and tea shops plus information on where to shop, local specialities, activities, and local events and festivals. Limited availability. Published April 07

ISBN: 9780749550196 - AA Leisure Guide Peak District

Peak District Pub Walks, Bob Steel - This is a pocket-sized, travellers guide to some of the best walking and best pubs in the Peak District. It also explores some of the region's fascinating industrial heritage and has useful information about local transport and accommodation. There are many walking guides to the Peak District available and some which include information about pubs. None, however, contain such an extensive selection of quality, real-ale pubs as Peak District Pub Walks and none carry the authority of CAMRA. Limited availability. Published April 08

ISBN: 9781852492465 - Peak District Pub Walks

Peak District Natural History Walks: Case Notes of a Nature Detective, Christopher Mitchell - A unique way to learn: understand the biology & ecology of this popular area while enjoying some great walks!; Be a 'nature detective' and solve the problems posed by ecologist Chris Mitchell: you'll need a hand lens and a head for natural history!; The companion volume for the Peak District by the author of 'Lake District Natural History Walks'; A wide choice - 18 walks exploring the rich biodiversity of the best-loved and less-frequented areas of the Peak District; A varied landscape - dark moors to the north; white limestone to the south; Great walks for all the family: details of distance, ascent, detailed maps, terrain, equipment, route instructions and places for refreshments ensure successful days in the great outdoors! Limited availability. Published May 06

Walk the Peak District, Rod Dunn - another fifty walks in the Peak District.  Limited availability. Published November 11.

AA 30 Walks in the Peak District - This original concept takes thirty of the most popular walks in the Peak District from the AA's best-selling and newly updated walks database and packages them on individual laminated cards in an easy-to-carry, durable box. Each of the cards are pocket sized to carry with you on your walk and are durable and weather proof to protect them from the elements. Each of the walks are carefully selected to suit all levels of fitness and ability and clear route directions and maps make them easy-to-follow. The small and handy size means that the box can be stowed away in a pocket or handbag and single cards extracted at each walk start point. Limited availability. Published October 09.

ISBN: 9780749563523 - The Peak District

AA 40 Short Walks, Peak District - This compact and handy guide to short walks in the Peak District features walks between one and four miles long which can be covered in a morning or afternoon. There is an introduction for each walk giving background on the area, it's history, wildlife and other points of interest; plus key information panels providing a summary of distance, time, gradient and ascent, level of difficulty, type of surface and access, landscape, dog friendliness, refreshments, parking and public toilets. Each walk has a highly detailed map and clear, easy-to-follow route directions. Limited availability. Published June 11. 

ISBN: 9780749569075 - The Peak District

AA Walking in the Peak District - Continuing in the success of the AA "Walking In Series", "Walking In the Peak District" guides you through the best places to walk in the Peak District. Researched by a team of walking experts, the guide consists of 20 mapped walks with clear, easy-to-follow route directions. Each walk is graded for steepness and difficulty and superb photography brings the walk and area to life. Explore richly diverse habitats and discover beauty spots best known to the locals. Use the carefully planned routes and maps to really get to know the areas and enjoy the superb photography, long after the mud has dried on your boots. Limited availability. Published November 08.

ISBN: 9780749558727 - Peak District


AA 30 Short Walks in the Peak District - Handy pocket-sized box of 30 short walking routes in the Peak District. Contained within the box are 30 cards each with a short walking route, so you can easily take it with you on the walk for reference. All of the walks featured are between 1 and 4 miles long meaning they can be tackled in a morning or afternoon. Key panels give details on distance, gradient, difficulty, surface and other practical advice. Limited availability. Published August 11.

ISBN: 9780749570538 - The Peak District

The Peak District Walking - On the Level, Norman Buckley - Scattered across the length and breadth of the Peak District, this title features 28 carefully selected short walks to choose from. It is ideal for family outings, for those who prefer easier walks, and all those who simply don't have the time for an all-day walk. Limited availability. Published July 04

Peak District Walking On The Level


Waterside Walks in the Peak District, Charles Wildgoose - Twenty circular walks based on local waterways, with maps and photographs. Limited availability. Published June 08. K

ISBN: 9781846740800 - Waterside Walks in the Peak District

Peak District: Northern and Western Moors Freedom to Roam, Roly Smith - A ground-breaking series of Wainwright-sized guides to areas newly opened up to walkers by the Right to Roam legislation. The first 5 guides explore the rich new opportunities for walking in the Peak District and Pennine region. Limited availability. Published Feb 05


A-Z Visitors Map of The Peak District Published July 13

Dark Peak BMC (British Mountain Map)  - The Dark Peak's Moorland Hills and Edges on a single map, using Harvey mapping and map data. Printed on plastic - durable, tear-resistant and 100% waterproof. Colour shading for easy identification of hills and valleys. Crag information for climbers. Less than half the weight of a laminated map. Map extension north to Marsden. Detailed 1:20,000 enlargement of the Kinder plateau. Mountain incident and first aid advice. Tips on using your map and compass. Useful local phone numbers and websites. Published March 07

White Peak BMC (British Mountain Map). Published July 12

Peak District Central, XT 40 Superwalker, Harvey. Published March 15

Peak District North, XT40 Superwalker, Harvey. Published March 15

Peak District South, XT40 Superwalker. Harvey. Published March 15

AA Leisure Map Central Peak District - A brand new range of 30 AA sheet maps utilising the 1:50,000 data supplied by the Ordnance Survey. The Leisure series uses optimised map coverage centered on the more popular areas of the country for leisure activities, including towns and rural areas. This map has the familiar look and style of OS mapping, with improved coverage of the featured areas. Published April 12

ISBN: 9780749572808 - Central Peak District

AA Walkers Map Central Peak District - Covering an area of 50 sq km and with a large scale of 1:25,000, this map has the familiar look and style of OS mapping, with improved coverage of the featured areas. Aimed at outdoor enthusiasts in particular, the level of details ensures nothing gets missed and you won't get lost. Published April 12

ISBN: 9780749573140 - Central Peak District



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eak District Online is an extensive resource for information and details about all things concerning the Peak District, from eating out in the Peak District to its history! Whether it's information on Holiday Cottages or simply the best place to tour!

Enchanting villages, historic towns and glorious ever changing landscapes are featured in this independent guide to the Peak National Park and Derbyshire.




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